Friday, February 15, 2013

411 Pain's Read & Rise Program

411 Pain's Read & Rise Program Opens a New Chapter in Children's Futures With Free Books

411 Pain is there for drivers injured in car accidents and it is there for our children as they journey
down the road of education.  The 411 Pain Read & Rise program provides free books to  low income elementary school students throughout South Florida.

The Read & Rise program gives $5 gift certificates to students who redeem them at book fairs.
The books are provided by Scholastic, maker of books, magazines, and educational programs for more than 90 years. The children get to choose the titles that interest them which can provide the spark
for a life long love of reading.

Thrilled by the experience of buying their own books, the grateful children penned thank you notes
which reflect the impact reading brings to their lives.  Michelle, a fourth grader, writes
"I really appreciate my book that is called Ever After.  It is about a girl and her brother
saving a princess from eating a poison apple.  I really thank you for giving my school the money."
Third grader  Latavia  writes in her thank you note "I bought a book called Barbie.
You make me happy 411 Pain. I like when you help us." 
Help is exactly what the literacy program provides. Not just with the treat of new books, but by giving our children a strong foundation in reading.  Without it statistics show many are likely to fall victim to social ills that burden our society as a whole. Ills like teen pregnancy, drug abuse, and unemployment.  Recognizing this 411 Pain CEO Dr. Robert Lewin is giving back to his community by giving books to our financially challenged youth. “We are proud to be part of a program which encourages young students to enjoy reading, and, as a result, get a chance for a better start in life,” says Dr. Lewin.  His return on an investment of more than $125,000 is thrilling children by the thousands with books they can call their own.

411 Pain has a nationwide network of offices providing people involved in car accidents
information and assistance they need.  The business was established in 1997 in South Florida.