Monday, June 24, 2013

A Tradition of Generosity

A Tradition of Generosity

The Lewins have been well-known for their generosity.  They have donated thousands of dollars for humanitarian purposes.  One of their latest contributions was at North Miami Elementary where 411-PAIN in partnership with Clear Channel Radio gathered at the school’s spacious cafeteria for a special event.  A large check was donated to the school for their sacrificial and continual dedication to educate and nurture our future generation.

411 PAIN in partnership with Clear Channel Radio picked North Miami Elementary for a special event held on Wednesday May 1, 2013.  We got the whole school together in their ample cafeteria to celebrate and read stories to the kids.  The school band played mirthfully as students walked in and sat orderly on the cafeteria benches.  The crowd applauded and their leader welcomed everyone to this amazing event.  Stories were read, music was played, and seven students held high a sign which read “THANK YOU 411-PAIN!” after a big $3085.00 check was presented to the school principal.

It was truly an inspiring event which reminded us about the purpose of giving.  The Lewins are so proud of North Miami Elementary for creating the environment our kids need to grow and become healthy adults.  Teachers and parents, a child will thank you ‘one day.’  Live for that day, any ordinary day can be it.

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