Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dog Rescues in South Florida

Dog Rescues in South Florida

The Lewin Family loves animals. The idea of animal welfare and rescue took over
America in 1866 when Henry Bergh founded the American Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) in New York City. Ten years later in 1877, the Humane
Society was formed. Pets are a huge part of the Lewin Family. According to The
American Pet Product Association’s 2013-2014 National Pet Owner’s Survey there are
83.3 million dogs owned and of those 20% were adopted from shelters. Even though it
sounds like a large number, there are still about 2.7 million pets that remain not
adopted every year. 

South Florida is home to many dog shelters. Rescue shelters like Paws4You in Miami,
Animal Aid in Oakland Park and Good Karma Pet Rescue in Ft. Lauderdale are just a
few that are actively saving dogs and trying to find them a forever home. They
strive to get the public to adopt or foster dogs by listing the animal’s online,
showcasing photos of them as well as a background story, health status and sometimes
even videos. They also host adoption events that focus on getting the public
interested in pet adoption by offering things like doggie fashion shows, pet
photographers and raffles while showing off the adoptable animals that are

Every animal deserves a home and thankfully, there are tons of organizations in
South Florida that aid in the effort to do so. 

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