Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dr. Robert Lewin 411 Pain For The Importance of Education

It has always been said that knowledge is power. And its true, preparing yourself at a young age will give you the tools to survive in our world today. Education is vital to the healthy growth and development of one's personality. Educating people is not just for individual benefit; it also brings a positive change in society.

The fundamental purpose of education is to: gain knowledge, recognize the forms of proper conduct and develop technical aptitudes in a specific subject. It helps to improve individuals physically, mentally and socially. That’s how education makes a difference in one's life. Unfortunately many people in our country don’t have the means or opportunities to do so.

Robert Lewin, CEO of 411-Pain believes everyone has the right to an education and has strived to help  young people in South Florida have the same opportunities. He doesn’t want to see a child held back because of a financial situation they have no control over. This has involved him in various charitable events and playing an extensive role in altruistic campaigns. Dr. Lewin’s passion for education starts at home with his children, whose love of reading he wanted to share with other people. Dr. Robert Lewin and 411 Pain regularly sponsor local book fairs for underprivileged children in the South Florida area. They provide each student with a five-dollar gift certificate in hopes of ensuring every child who attends the book fair leaves with a book.

“We are proud to be part of a program that encourages young students to enjoy reading, and, as a result, get a chance for a better start in life,” said Dr. Robert Lewin “Investing in our youths education now can develop a generation of responsible individuals who will bring great rewards to our community in the future”.

Its not just students who are benefiting from Dr Lewin’s charitable work, he also supports schoolteachers in the area. He has created and sponsored programs to acknowledge and reward teachers so they may continue their work. Dr. Lewin considers teachers to be the most influential people in our lives. “They are the ones that forge us, teach us about life and guide us through the path that’s best for us”. 

As long as there is a demand Dr. Robert Lewin will continue to give children the opportunities to get the education that they deserve. He invites and encourages everyone to join him. 

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