Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Read and Rise

By now it’s probably not major news that my family and I love helping the community! My company, 1-800-411-Pain, is known for helping accident victims but we’re also heavily involved in promoting literacy and the importance of reading. Around 32 million Americans don’t know how to read, which is why 1-800-411-PAIN along with Scholastic Book Fairs, are on a mission to bring national awareness to this increasing epidemic. This campaign is all about stomping out illiteracy, not only in South Florida, but all across the nation. The main goal I got 1-800-411-PAIN involved with the Scholastic Read and Rise Campaign is to benefit students and families in insufficient schools who have suffered major budget cuts and simply cannot afford to purchase books of their own.

The fact that some children can’t afford to buy books breaks our hearts and is the reason why our company teams up with the campaign every year. I love advocating for a program that encourages young students to enjoy reading, and, as a result, get a chance for a better start in life. The efforts of 411 PAIN, and the Scholastic Book Fair, will give more than 12,500 at-risk students in 25 low-income elementary schools throughout Broward and Miami-Dade County a gift certificate to purchase new books at their schools’ Scholastic Read and Rise Book Fair.

We always look forward to the 1-800-411-Pain Scholastic Read and Rise Campaign. It not only brings awareness to the importance of literacy to our children, but gets kids excited about reading while raising funds so that every child at the fair can receive a $5.00 Reading Certificate. This certificate allows the children to explore the Scholastic Read and Rise Book Fair and buy their own books. By having the freedom to buy their own books, they get excited in finding and reading the books they pick themselves. Since many children who participate in the program haven’t been able to afford to purchase books at past fairs, the gift certificate is a perfect incentive that’s guaranteed to create genuine interest towards reading! These campaigns bring the community and families together and is a tremendously beneficial cause that will positively affect all of our futures. 

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