Friday, October 3, 2014

Drive Safely Work Week

Road safety is high on the priority list for the Lewin family! At this time of the year, especially, being on the road can get stressful. With school zones and higher traffic volume, things are more hectic than ever. That’s why we love the fact that the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety in the U.S. dedicates a whole week to their Drive Safely Work campaign! The campaigns mission is to focus on integrating the fundamentals of safe driving into an organizations core safety culture.

Driving to work especially during this time of year when school is going on can be a hassle, but incorporating policies, procedures, communication tools and tips related to safe driving could make a huge difference for employees around the county. Whether employers decide to hold a workshop, hand out brochures, send e-mail blasts, or even set up a town hall meeting –emphasizing the importance of road safety is very important not only during Drive Safely Work Week, but year-round.

The NETS has compiled a downloadable tool kit for all employers who wish to reduce the number of accidents that impact the workforce and community as a whole. This kit, which can be found at, is a four-step program that highlights ways to lead, engage, extend, and sustain the core guidelines for safe driving when on the road. While topics like executive leadership, the importance of using seat belts and not using mobile devices are discussed, there’s also a section that reiterates the use of helpful tools like off the job safety and wellness programs that could positively impact the workforce in general. The Lewin family believes that solidarity, awareness, and safety go hand in hand –and Driving Safely Work Week is the perfect combination of all three!

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